This dataset contains the graph that describes the class hierarchy for the Flare ActionScript visualization library. It contains both the class hierarchy as well as the import connections between classes. This dataset has been used extensively in the D3.js documentation and examples and are included here to make it easy to redo the examples in ggraph.



A list of three data.frames describing the software structure of flare:


This data.frame maps the hierarchical structure of the class hierarchy as an edgelist, with the class in from being the superclass of the class in to.


This data.frame gives additional information on the classes. It contains the full name, size and short name of each class.


This data.frame contains the class imports for each class implementation. The from column gives the importing class and the to column gives the import.


The data have been adapted from the JSON downloaded from courtesy of Mike Bostock. The Flare framework is the work of the UC Berkeley Visualization Lab.