ggraph 2.0.4 Unreleased

  • Fix bug in faceting functions where using algorithms based on sampling directly would result in errors
  • Move CI to GitHub Actions
  • Warn if a precalculated layout is passed to layout in create_layout() (#208)
  • Warn when setting dim to a value higher than 2 in igraph layouts (#160)
  • Fix bug when trying to plot a graph with no edges (#214)
  • Fix a bug in edge geoms due to a typo (#246)
  • Fix a bug in edge geoms where setting label_colour to NA would turn it off instead of inheriting the colour of the edge (#238)
  • Fix a bug in edge geoms that prevented edge labels from being parsed as expressions (#245)
  • Improve performance of dendrogram layout when calculating depth (#248)
  • Fix a bug in hive layout when segmenting by a factor with unused levels (#252)
  • Fix a bug in capping of path due to updates in grid. Setting cap unit to native now works as expected again (#254)
  • Fix a bug in get_con() that would require input to be sorted in the from vector (#258)

ggraph 2.0.3 2020-05-20

  • Fix bug in geom_edge_elbow() that resulted in duplicated group columns in the data.

ggraph 2.0.2 2020-03-17

  • Remove reshape2 dependency

ggraph 2.0.1 2020-02-07

  • Fix bug in ggraph that will surface with the next grid release
  • Deprecate qgraph() in favour of autograph() to avoid name collision with qgraph::qgraph(). autograph() is now also a generic with a default method, so you can provide your own specific ggraph plot method for your network classes

ggraph 2.0.0 2019-09-02

This release is a major release including many new features, bug fixes and some breaking changes.

Breaking changes

  • Use tidygraph as the central data format. The results of this are several:

    • All graph object supported by tidygraph are now supported on even footing in ggraph. All layouts are now available to any graph class
    • BREAKING The "even" layout for dendrograms are no more, but can be obtained by using the "dendrogram" layout with height = NULL
    • BREAKING All layouts uses NSE for arguments that refer to node and edge variables, instead of passing in strings that refer to the variable name.
    • All examples and vignettes now uses tidygraph for graph manipulation resulting in much cleaner code.
    • tree_apply has been removed in favour of using tidygraph::map_bfs_*
    • geom_edge_elbow is no longer only available to dendrogram objects
    • tidygraph algorithms can now be used directly within ggraph functions. E.g. you can have = node_rank_hclust() in your specification of a linear layout, or aes(colour = group_infomap()) in node geoms

    This big change fixes #21, #72, #79, and #81. A vignette has been added to describe the integration in more detail

  • The curvature argument from geom_edge_arc() and geom_edge_hive() as well as the spread argument from geom_edge_fan() has been deprecated in favor of the new strength argument.

  • ggraph plots now gets constructed with grid and axes removed from the default theme.

New features

  • Add equal-angle and equal-daylight unrooted tree layouts (#59)
  • Interface with the graphlayouts package and make all its layouts available. The auto layout now uses the stress layout for standard graphs (sparse stress) for larger graphs.
  • Added length argument to the dendrogram layout to allow the layout to be based on edge length rather than node heights (#124).
  • Added geom_edge_parallel() for drawing multiedges as parallel lines (#191)
  • Added fabric layout to create biofabric plots. Also added geom_node_range() and geom_edge_span() for visualising such layouts (#47)
  • Added geom_edge_bend() for drawing soft elbows (#45)
  • Added geom_node_voronoi() for displaying nodes as voronoi tiles (#100)
  • Added qgraph() for quickly creating a standard network plot for explorative purpose (#94)
  • All non-straight line-based edge geoms now has a strength parameter that controls their deviation from a straight line. 0 will always give a straight line while 1 will be their natural look. Numbers outside this range may look weird (#97)
  • Added weight and mode arguments to get_con() that are passed on to the shortest path calculations (#89).
  • Add matrix layout and geom_edge_point() (#23)
  • Added geom_edge_tile() for use with matrix layouts (#141)
  • Manual layouts are now easier to specify. You can pass a matrix or data.frame to the layout parameter that will then be used. Also, if an x and y argument is present, the auto layout will choose the manual layout. (#91)
  • Custom layout functions are now much more flexible. And can either return a data.frame or an object coercible to a tbl_graph. In the latter case the node table will be used as layout and the graph will be attached. This allows direct use of the particles package as a layout engine as a side effect. (#88)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed numerous bugs and issues pertaining to the group aesthetic handling in many edge geoms (#190, #193).
  • Edge geoms no longer throws an error when all edges are completely capped (#176)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented edge capping from being used with *2 variants of edge geoms (#167)
  • Fix bug in edge capping that could lead to edges extending to (0,0) (#163)
  • Fix bug affecting faceting of capped edges (#140)
  • Character aesthetics are no longer cast to factors in edge geoms (#131)
  • Fix a bug where start capping was ignored if the previous edge had been completely removed by capping (#150)
  • Fix offsetting bug in edge label drawing when some labels are empty strings and label_parse = TRUE (#159)
  • Fixed a bug resulting in the wrong mapping of additional values to connections (#122, #134)
  • Fixed a bug when using facet_graph() with data from both tbl_df and data.frame
  • Added override.aes to guide_edge_direction()
  • Fix bug with extracting edges from an empty graph (#76)
  • Fixed bug causing shifts in edge aesthetics when one or more edges were completely clipped (#62, #115)
  • Fixed bug when clipping completely orthogonal points that produced additional lines going to (0,0) (#70, #84, #103)


  • Changed license to MIT
  • Update roxygen documentation to use markdown and reduce duplication (#95)