This function infers the layout from the graph structure and is the default when calling ggraph(). If an x and y argument is passed along, the manual layout is chosen. Otherwise if the graph is either a rooted tree or a rooted forest the layout will be dendrogram if the nodes contains a height variable or tree if not. If the tree is unrooted the unrooted layout will be used. If the tree is a DAG the sygiyama layout will be used. Otherwise the stress layout will be used (or sparse_tree if the graph contains more than 2000 nodes).

layout_tbl_graph_auto(graph, circular, ...)



A tbl_graph object


Logical. Should the layout be transformed to a circular representation. Defaults to FALSE. Only applicable if the graph is a tree structure


Arguments passed on to the chosen layout


A data.frame with the columns x, y, circular as well as any information stored as node variables in the tbl_graph object.