This is a spac efficient layout only useful for binary trees. It is fractal and works by offsetting child nodes from their parent either horizontally or vertically depending on depth. The offset is decreased at each step by a factor of the square root of 2.

  graph, = NULL,
  direction = "out",
  circular = FALSE



An tbl_graph object

The name of a node variable to sort the nodes by.


The direction of the tree in the graph. 'out' (default) means that parents point towards their children, while 'in' means that children point towards their parent.


Logical. Should the layout be transformed to a circular representation. Ignored


A data.frame with the columns x, y, leaf, depth, circular

as well as any information stored as node variables in the tbl_graph object.


H Tree is a layout intended for trees, that is, graphs where nodes only have one parent and zero or more children. If the provided graph does not fit this format an attempt to convert it to such a format will be made.